Repairs + Care



Repairs are offered for well loved items. If an item is damaged during shipping, please contact us as soon as the item is received. Sincerest apologies, but lost earrings will not be replaced



Leather wears well with time. The item will break in and change with frequent use. Lean into it. Let it happen. Don't be afraid of a little rain. Let the oils from your skin alter it. Breaking it in is a beautiful process. For lighter color leathers, be aware that dark wash jeans may bleed into the leather. 

Over time, copper jewelry will tarnish. If you aren't happy with it's ever evolving shade, copper is easy to polish and bring back to it's former glory with simple household items. Ketchup and a q-tip is the easiest solution, or a mixture of equal parts salt, white flour, and lemon juice. 

As for the stone earrings, love them gently. Remember they are natural minerals and may be discolored by hair products and water.